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Hi! I'm Tom, this is mainly an all gen My Little Pony blog, but I post other toys, clothes and personal things from time to time too!

I'm genderqueer, and prefer the pronouns it/its/itself, but if you feel uncomfortable using those its fine to say he!

I don’t understand how this fandom went from saying “manster” is silly to hailing it as some almighty term, having near everybody use it and end up having them print it on the toy boxes :/.

We don’t need gendered fandom names. I sort of get it for the toys-  but please stop using it for fandom members… please.


Ready for the Monster Maker? We start the SDCC 2014!

This must be absolutely extortionate… and I fail to see any practical uses for this? Surely the faces would just wipe off?



Bootiful Twyla Coffin Bean  ♥ 



Twyla, are you using a different hair fiber? Or did somebody throw a whole bottle of gel at you?

I swear if they got rid of her adorable frizzy hair fiber I’ll kill somebody at Mattel :(.


Contest time!
I am holding a contest for you guys to make an icon/avatar for my blog!
~must be your orignal work
~ submit using my fanart box
~ no contest blogs
~entry must contain at least one pony from each generation

~edited photos
~ unedited photos
~ digital art
~ traditional art
The winner or the contest gets their own custom pony! (g4 brushble size)
The winner of each catagory gets one of the ponies above.
The winners will be annoced in order of category in the list above.
The second place gets a full color picture of anypony they want.
The third place gets a black and white sketch of anypony
Fourth place gets a full color headshot of anypony
Fifth place gets a sketch headshot of anypony.
Have fun and good luck!


#7- Is Your Purpose Clear, Princess Sparkle?

This video has really impressive editing, and a song that can keep the energy going, the timing between the scenes and the music is in sync, and it has this sort of almost epic feeling to it.

This PMV sort of condenses the overall story that the show has taken, and it is as much Twilight’s own personal story.

I really think everything comes together in this one well, and overall you can get a feeling of… importance, of something that holds dramatic weight.

I struggle making video reviews so much :(. I try to be myself on camera and giggle and squee and mess around, but as soon as I see that camera in front of me its like me personality just gets sapped out of me and I hate it.

I think I just need to get used to using a camera and I might open up a little.


tumblr definitely just put a recommended post of a really intense strobe light on my dash and if I had epilepsy I would definitely sue their pants off

holly dashes day-glo hair gives me life omg

I just love pastel bodied ponies with neon hair don’t ask why


New Brushables found on Taobao! Including Holly Dash and Skywishes!

omg is that two none mane six brushables

praise the lord


10 years ago today, Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way went back in time to sedouce Volxemort and protect all of us from his evil plans

reblog this post to honor Enoby’s brave sacrifice, ignore if you’re a prep or a poser